Wing Lung Bank Commercial Mosaic Tile Mural Smith Aquatic and Fitness Center Project Institute On Aging Lobby Tree of Life Mural Pool Mosaic Mural designed by Eric Waugh
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"See What Tile Can Become!"
Becoming Tile, LLC is a highly versatile and sophisticated creator of mosaic tile murals, patterns, borders, gradients, blends, and designs.

Our superior custom software and U.S. based fabrication facility ensure results of the highest quality with the fastest response in the industry. Frequently the time from order to delivery is as little as 10 days for custom projects, and even less for stock designs, borders, patterns and gradients.

Whether you need Glass Tile, Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, Stone Tile, Metal Tile, Synthetic Tile, Leather Tile, or have your own tile, we can produce exactly the design you want scaled to pricisely the size you need.

Our custom fabrication services are priced very competitively, less than other companies -- who take much longer -- don't have the benefit or our highly refined custom software -- don't employ fabricators here in the United States -- and -- don't have our years of experience with a wide array of unusual and diverse custom mosaic projects for clients all over the world.

Our expert design personnel will interact with you to define and refine your idea to arrive at just the right mural, pattern, design, gradient or border that will make your project a one of a kind statement that exceeds your expectations.

Our track record of large commercial projects, high end residential projects, civic/municipal projects and others make us not only a safe and reliable source for your needs, but one of the most reasonable and easiest to deal with. Make this your most trouble-free project ever.

Becoming Tile, LLC
P.O. Box 1925
Evergreen, CO 80437
ph: 303-679-0440
fax: 303-674-8958