Aqua Cityscape Mosaic Mural


Mural of an aqua cityscape.
Price is per square foot


Mural of an Aqua Cityscape in 12mm Ottoman tile, 12 feet wide and 8 feet high as shown.
12 feet wide and 8 feet high as shown but can be customized to any dimensions at no additional charge.
Price shown is per square foot delivered and ready to install.
Different types and sizes of tile can also be used (some price difference may apply).
We can also create a custom mural from any image you send us for a similar price.
Calculate the number of square feet your mural will be (feet wide times feet high).
Enter that number rounded up as the quantity to see your price.
It is best to contact us before ordering so we can create and send you custom renderings as it would appear in your size.
Contact us for information on customizing this or any image mural for your space at (833)468-7257.