Jobs that are a good fit for employees

Becoming Tile has the capacity to fabricate multiple large projects because of our home-based occasional employees. When we are working on larger or more projects, our home-based employees that have a workstation at home and help occasionally allow us to scale up almost without limit.

We give each of them a portion of the work to fabricate using their workstation and they are able to work around their family demands and other obligations to do their portion when it fits their family’s schedule. Then all of the portions are brought back to the facility to be laid out, checked and packed for delivery. Our workstation system makes it virtually impossible for any mistakes to be made, and the human eyes on the process allow reporting and correcting anything that looks out of place.

This approach allows us to keep our overhead costs down while paying our employees very well for their contribution. It also allows nearly infinite ability to scale up for huge projects because each workstation can be put together for less than $400. Some other companies use industrial robots that cost tens of thousands of dollars each and require controlled space and extensive preparation of tile before use. This limits their ability to scale up to deliver large projects quickly.

We fabricated the 4300 square foot Wing Lung Bank mural in 7 weeks using 14 employees (3/4″ tiles) and the 2000 square foot  Institute On Aging Senior Center mural in 6 weeks using 21 employees (1/2″ tiles). Each one of these consisted of nearly one million tiles.

If you live in the area west of Denver, CO and are interested in helping us with large jobs in the future email us at to be contacted about occasional employment. It’s fun easy work that fits your schedule.